Interested in Life Coaching?  Here is what Hartley’s clients have to say about it:

“Hartley is an incredible woman! She is not only kind and empathetic she knows when to push you to become the best YOU can be. She is terrific at defining your goals and helping you to achieve what it is you want.  She is very easy to talk to and is made for this job. Don’t hesitate to work with her!”  ~ Jo-Ann R., Philadelphia, PA

“Working with Hartley has been so helpful for me. Each week she has brought me to a deeper understanding of the ‘whys and wherefores’ of my life and given me tools to move forward. The growth I have achieved has allowed me to complete much more in the last month than I have been able to for such a long time.  It feels good to accept success once again.” ~ Judi R, Snohomish, WA

“Hartley knows just how to ask the right questions, provide applicable insights, and guide clients toward more self-aware, informed living. Coaching helped me see new perspectives and pathways for growth in my life, and I’m so grateful for her expertise along the way. It’s truly a gift to find someone with her ability to assess challenges and guide you to solutions with compassion, intellect and humor in the way she does.” ~ Sara L., Napa, CA

“I never expected to find such healing from someone who is clearly doing what they are gifted at. I say healing because Hartley didnt just help me move forwards, she helped me retrain my thought process from the way I had been living for 35 years. Trauma from self talk takes time, patience, reconditioning, and someone who has a heart to teach how to do so. Hartley clearly has that heart and so much more to offer. I can never thank her enough and am certain she is someone who can help so many in their individual situations. I am forever grateful.” ~ Erin B., Kentucky