Sensational Journeys

Sensational Journeys Final

Sensational Journeys is available for purchase now!  If you or anyone you know is raising a child with sensory issues, then they are on a sensational journey and will definitely relate to these 48 families that have been brave enough to share their stories in the book!

Here is what parents are saying:

Emma – “I am about half way through the book, it is a wonderful book, the feeling of knowing other parents experience what we experience is the best feeling. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.”

Jennifer – “I cried through the foreword and haven’t stopped misting up or shedding tears since! lol.. I can relate on all levels to every story and feel the intense emotions that all of us parents have raising our amazing kids navigating through all of the challenges. I am honored to share in this book with you Emma to help bring comfort, understanding, and awareness for all of us moms and dads raising children with SPD.”

Patty – “I love it! I read it one evening when I was feeling very alone and frustrated. I came away from reading the book feeling more validated than I have ever felt. As I read stories of other parents on the front line of SPD, I found myself nodding my head in agreement, crying and laughing. It’s so great to know I am not alone in my struggles!”

Ellie – “I’ve read about half of it, and I love it. When you’re in the thick of things, you feel so alone. Reading what other people have experienced and how they cope and thrive through it all is very inspiring. I have nodded my head in agreement and camaraderie so many times already! Thanks for “hooking us all up,” so to speak!”

Kelly – “I’ve read it!! I was so excited when it showed up in the mail, that I pretty much read the whole thing as soon as I got it. It is such a wonderful book!! I love it!! The stories are so inspirational! I also love how there was a picture of each family included with their story. Thank you for making this book, Hartley!! I’ve learned a lot from everyone’s stories. I’m going to read it again to catch stuff that I didn’t the first time around.”

Stacy – “I’m not quite half way through, but love it already! I’m sad that I didn’t have a picture of myself with my kids to submit…course, I have one now, but didn’t at the time. I am impressed with the thickness of the book. It is truly a bible that states, ‘No, we are NOT crazy!! This is real!'”

Order your copy here.

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