This is Gabriel

I am so excited to have the 2nd Edition of this book – my labor of love inspired by my amazing son Gabriel – that I can barely sit still in this chair and type!

Now the story is told by Gabriel himself.  Such a cute twist providing children an easier way to connect with our sensory kiddos.  It now gives a first-person (or first-hand sensory-kiddo) account of what it feels like for Gabriel to deal with his sensory issues in school and how much he needs understanding and support from those around him. Like all of our kids! This version also includes….This is Gabriel has been completely rewritten, but remains true to its original content by providing straightforward, simple information and definitions of SPD and all of the senses, plus still discusses the challenges our sensory kids face in the classroom while providing simple ways to help them meet their sensory needs.  HOWEVER….

The 8th sense: Interoception!

That’s a win, right?!!  With an adorable new illustration from the amazingly talented Brandon Fall who not only did all of the illustrations for both editions of this book, but is responsible for the entire layout and cover design.  His new Interoception illustration, which depicts Gabriel rushing into the bathroom, will have your sensory child – and his/her classmates – giggling and nodding with understanding.

Another of my personal favorite parts of the 2nd Edition of This is Gabriel are the incredibly supportive quotes on the back cover.  You’ll have to get your hands on a copy to see what Carol Kranowitz and Erik Linthorst said about this book!  A big thank you to both of them – I feel humbled to have their praise and support!

This is a full circle moment for me.  Watching my book go from a dream to a self-published reality in March of 2010 was something I will never forget.  But joining forces with Autism/Sensory publisher Future Horizons and their Sensory World imprint has been amazing.  I am very proud to be a part of the Sensory World family of authors, such amazing people doing amazing things to provide education, resources and understanding for our children and those that care for them.  I am truly proud to have them publishing This is Gabriel 2nd Edition where it will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience – through which it can help give way to a wider understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder.  Education leads to acceptance…for all of our kids.

Thank you all for following my journey!



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