Hartley Steiner lives in Washington State with her three sons and two dogs. Her journey to painting was a long one, starting with expressing her creativity as a young girl through photography, writing and cooking. After many years of working to capture the beauty she saw around her through other mediums she turned to painting. 

Finishing touches on a wisteria watercolor

Once she began painting, Hartley found she naturally began with the same flowers and doodles she’d been drawn to since childhood. Her art is an expression of color and beauty, primarily through botanicals. 

Working on loose flowers without reference

She was drawn to watercolor as her start since her mother had always loved them, but has since experimented with many different mediums including ink, acrylics and gouache. She’s not done experimenting yet; Hartley believes in creativity and desires to continue to grow through practicing her art.

Currently, she is painting a series of acrylic flowers, while still using watercolors for meditation and stress relief. If you’re interested in something custom, contact her for a commission. She loves creating individualized art for clients! 

Hartley is also a published author, and Life Coach. You can find her through her website www.hartleysteiner.com or on Instagram at @artbyhartley.