IMG_3225Hartley Steiner lives in the Seattle area with her three sons. She is the award winning author of the SPD Children’s book This is Gabriel Making Sense of School, Sensational Journeys , and It’s Just a What? (August 4, 2018).  She is a life and parenting coach, working 1 to 1 with adults of all ages, as well as an active advocate and speaker. She is a contributing writer for S.I. Focus Magazine and Autism Spectrum Quarterly, among dozens of other websites and blogs. You can connect with her online at HartleySteiner.com and on Twitter as @ParentingSPD and @HartleySteiner.  When she isn’t writing, or dealing with a meltdown, she enjoys spending time in the company of other adults preferably with good food and even better wine.

Hartley is available for speaking engagements focusing on a wide variety of topics from Sensory Diet, Sensory Parenting Support, Behavior, School Sensory Accommodations and many other sensory and  behavior related topics.  Please reach out to her via email for availability.

Hartley is also available for Professional Life Coaching sessions in person or remotely.  Please see her Professional Life Coaching page for more information or to set up a meeting.

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  1. Hi! I found you while searching for “sensory processing” on Twitter. My friend Martha and I have just started blogging about our experiences having raised kids with SPD and other issues (our kids are now in their 20s). Like you, we are working to provide support, encouragement and humor — plus our long-term perspective. I hope you’ll check us out at http://www.walkamileinmyissues.com – and if you scroll down far enough, you’ll see our video ……. 🙂 Take care! Ruth

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