Start at the Beginning

Do you have a vision for some big thing you want to accomplish? You know, that business idea, or desire to go back to school? I’m talking about a goal that is complicated, one that is going to take some time to think through, plan out, rearrange your schedule – or your life – to accomplish. That kind of big thing. You do, don’t you?

I have found with my clients that often the sheer number of steps required to get to their ideal goals has them stagnant. They can’t start. Often I hear that they don’t know how to make it happen – how will they find the time, how will they afford the cost, how will they manage their families while still accomplishing their goals. This is planning for the end. Because they can’t see the final step they’re hesitant, they falter, they dream but don’t DO.

One way to get through this is to reframe the thinking surrounding this. Instead of talking yourself out of starting because you can’t envision how it looks in five years, focus on visioning how to begin. What is the very first step you can take? Take it. Then decide the next step. And do it, too.

The idea here is pretty straightforward, instead of talking yourself out of what you want to do by rationalizing the fears (I can’t go back to school because I can’t afford it. I can’t leave my kids. I have to work.), focus on what you CAN do. You can research it. You can ask for help. You can take classes slowly. You can find an online school. You can do lots of things.

The simple process of moving forward will unlock the path to the final goal, and help you turn your dreams into goals you will achieve. If I can support you in anyway, please contact me, and let’s get you moving forward!

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~~ Laozi (Chinese Proverb)

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