Here Comes Fall


What is it that they say about good intentions again?

Well, that’s what I had back in March, but it turns out that life gets busy, and despite my best of intentions to blog, it clearly hasn’t happened.  In like 5 months.

I guess I’m due.  So, here’s an update with the promise to write more often.  (I’m crossing my fingers behind my back while I make that promise, just FYI.)

We’ve kept busy this summer with all of the standard things – from library visits, to river play, to hiking and train trips – the boys have had a busy summer.  It’s been peppered with its usual number of meltdowns and chaos, but not more than to be expected.  Although the truth is I seem to forget summer to summer how bad it can get, and how exhausting it can be to spend 10 weeks together.  For me, and for them.  School starts next week, and sufficed to say, we are all looking forward to it. Equally.

Oh, and we got a puppy.  Because clearly I didn’t have enough to do, so why not?  She’s great.  Truly.  But she’s a puppy.  And a big one at that.

Now to catch you up on school stuff…

Matthew didn’t get placed in the program I referred to in my last post; instead we tried a supported version of mainstreaming, but he never made it past half days.  And by half days I mean less than three hours at school before I picked him up.  Last Spring, when I asked him if he was ready to stay for lunch and recess (obviously a challenging time – unstructured and social pressures galore), he said, “Sure, I would stay for lunch and recess one day, but then I’d like to go back to my modern life of leaving early.”  I tried to explain that his leaving early was not an indication of him having a ‘modern life’ but rather a stepping stone towards him having a full day of school every day.  He didn’t see it my way.  The school didn’t either, what with his elopement issues and all, so he finished the school year going half days.  Then the team met to decide what to do for next year.  Which is now next week.  We agreed to do a different program at a different school.  I think it is the right choice, but it comes with yet meeting and learning to trust yet another new team.  I’m cautiously optimistic, because that’s just how Fall is supposed to feel.

Nick is starting the Highly Capable program again this year.  The new school district starts their HC programming at 4th grade, although the last district started in 2nd grade, so both Nick and I know what to expect this year.  Or at least a pretty good idea of what’s coming.  He doesn’t change schools, so that’s a win, but the principal is new this year, so add that to the list of new things for me to navigate.

Gabe will be in the same program he started last Spring.  Same classroom, same teacher, same aids, same staff in general.  The big difference for him is that he is in 6th grade – his last year of elementary school before the big middle school transition.  It definitely comes with some pressures to see how much he can accomplish academically this year, while still maintaining some level of stability emotionally and mentally – something that has become increasingly difficult as the years pass by.  The only thing I know for sure with him is that I don’t know what to expect.  And that kind of grey area is hard on all of us.

Plus, as you might have guessed, we are back to three different schools, and three different programs, for three different boys.  #deepsigh

It seems that this balance of new and old, changes with consistency, expected and unexpected, should be the standard that we are best at.  Yet each year, as the seasons change, I find I have the same feelings I’ve always had; fear, optimism, excitement, anticipation, worry and of course pride.

I know that the start of every school year is one of full-steam ahead, and I also know to expect more than a few bumps in the first week as we adjust to new schedules and expectations.  I also know now, that no matter what this year brings, we will make it through, and that next year at this time, I will be feeling the exact same things.

Here’s to being able to predict the unpredictable.  In school, in parenting, and apparently in me blogging.

Happy Fall everyone.

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