Professional Life Coaching

Do you know how overwhelming parenting can be? I offer HOPE and HELP to families who are stressed out and struggling to navigate their parenting journey, so that life may be simpler and less stressful for the whole family.  Do you know someone who could use my help?  Is it you?

Contact me, and let’s get you back on the right path.



Hartley uses her sense of humor, experience and unique perspective to provide Life and Parent Coaching.  If you are experiencing a transition, a bump in the road, or are stuck, you could benefit from Coaching. Working with Hartley will allow you to learn new strategies, get support in implementing them, and use practical tools to help you and your kiddos succeed!

Things a coach may be able to help you with:

Stress Management
Handling Crisis
New Diagnosis Grief
School Advocacy
Behavior Challenges
Daily Routine
Sensory Diet at Home/School
Balance of life and work
Self care and personal management
Organization and Daily Routine
Generally feeling overwhelmed
Empowering parents as advocates

If there is anything in your life, or journey as a parent, specially a special needs parent, that you could use help moving through with clear goals and the support needed to achieve them, please contact Hartley directly to set up a time and see if she is a good partner for you.

Individual and group coaching sessions are available in person in the greater Seattle, WA area, as well as by phone and Skype.




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